Wagenborg has agreed on a long term contract with Nordkalk, fully owned by the Finnish Rettig Group, for the transport of limestone and with Bore Ltd. for  the acquisition of four multipurpose vessels.

‘Nordkalk' is one of the largest producers of limestone in Northern Europe. Wagenborg will be responsible for the transport of nearly 1.5 million tons of limestone (and related products) with destinations in the Baltic Sea and Great Britain starting as of 2015. A second branch of the Rettig Group is ‘Bore Shipping’. As part of the contract with the Rettig Group, Royal Wagenborg will acquire four multipurpose vessels from Bore Ltd. The 'Nordgard', 'Sydgard’, ‘Westgard' and 'Østgård', all built at Peters Shipyards, four sister vessels with a capacity of 3,600 tons and ice class 1A. The vessels will be added to the Wagenborg fleet before the end of this year. 

Wagenborg is extremely pleased with this agreement, which will strengthen the position of Wagenborg and its affiliated captain owners in the Baltic region.

Picture by Bore Ltd.
Picture by Bore Ltd.

Read the press release of Bore Ltd. for more information.

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