After the succesful installation of the bridge at Nijmegen, where Wagenborg Barge 8 was put into action, the transport of bridge sections for the Dalsfjordbridge to Norway with tug Waterstroom and Wagenborg Barge 5, the transport of a swingbridge to St. Maarten, onze again Wagenborg faced a new challenge concerning a bridge.

This time the “Hilter Schleusen-Brücke” at lathen, Germany as the scene of action. As part of the renewing of a local lock, a new bridge will be installed next to the existing one. The bridge consists of 2 steel parts with a lenght of each 43 meters and an weight of 100 tons. These sections were lifted on the Wagenborg Barge 6 with a mobile crane. At the same time the sheerleg Triton was lowered to pass the Dortmund-Ems channel.

During the next day the sections were lifted on their final positions. Cooperation between the customer and the Wagenborg crew was great and with a great audience of people the bridge parts were installed in less than 4 hours.

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