On behalf of SOLIDD Steel Structures, Wagenborg replaced the old wooden bridge decks of the bascule bridge and drawbridge at the sea locks in Farmsum with new steel bridge decks. In mid-January the bridge deck of the bascule bridge was replaced and at the end of January the bridge deck of the drawbridge.

The total project is divided into four phases. During the first two phases the bridge deck of the bascule bridge was lifted and replaced. The old bridge deck, consisting of three different wooden parts with a weight of 57 tonnes each, was lifted with an 80 tonnes mobile crane. The new 20 tonnes steel bridge deck was installed in its entirety with a 110 tonnes mobile crane.

At the end of January the bridge deck of the drawbridge was replaced, the third and fourth phase of the project. Before the bridge deck could be replaced, first the 170 tonnes heavy balance was tilted with a 500 tonnes mobile crane. Once the balance was tilted, the AC500 was converted to a span lift configuration and the old bridge deck, which consisted of 3 wooden parts, could be removed. The fitting of the new bridge deck, a 35-tonnes steel giant, went very well. During the works, an AT3 mobile tower crane was used to safely load and unload the bridge deck and to light up the construction site, as the works were carried out at night. After replacing the new bridge deck, the AC500 was rebuilt to its original configuration and the balance could be placed back in position.

Thanks to the good cooperation with SOLIDD Steel Structures and the smooth internal communication, the professional Wagenborg team has managed to complete the bridge decks according to the plan and well within the set deadlines!

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