During late 2016 and early 2017, Wagenborg replaced two bridges in Haarlem (the Netherlands): the Southern and Northern ‘Buitenrustbruggen’. The bridges were replaced on behalf of the City of Haarlem. Subcontractor Hillebrand, a construction company, appointed Wagenborg to replace the bridges. Main contractor during this project was Dura Verweer. The renovation started in September 2016. Both bridges are part of Highway N205. In December, 2016 the first bridge was replaced followed by the Southern bridge in January 2017.   

Prior to positioning the tower, the counter balance and the bridge decks, Wagenborg also disassembled the old bridges and at the same time loaded the new bridges in Middelburg (the Netherlands). The project was divided into four phases and executed during weekends, in order to avoid traffic delays.

Wagenborg mobilized a team of experienced specialists for this extensive and challenging project. This project contained many challenges, especially in terms of engineering, for example finding a solution for the limited ground pressures on site. For this reason Wagenborg positioned steel ramps and a temporary road of dragline mats.

Especially the maximum ground pressure at site near the Southern bridge was minimal and required extra solutions. By reducing the balance weight and mobilizing a second crane, the Southern Buitenrustbrug could be properly positioned as well.

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