November, 2015 Wagenborg positioned a temporary bridge in Leiden city center (the Netherlands). December, 2015 the old ‘Waaghoofdbridge’ could be removed. Last March, 2016 the prefabricated walls of the new bridge have been positioned at the ‘Stille Rijn’ side. After all operations now, May 2016, the UHSB elements of the bridge deck are positioned.

Wagenborg was selected to position the bridge deck of the new Catharinabridge. For this challenging project Wagenborg deployed her 500 and 80 tonnes mobile telescopic crane. Due to lack of space, it was necessary to construct a sand bed with a big number of dragline mats on top to realize the right ground pressure. After these preparations the bridge deck elements of the new Catharinabridge have been positioned to full satisfaction of the client.   

Coming period the elements will be strengthened in order to remove the temporary support structure. Hereafter the bridge will be further prepared before opening.

Pictures: Gebr. Schouls B.V. Leiden (

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