On the 20th of March the Persian New Year is celebrated during Nayruz according traditions in the Republic of Kazakhstan. On this joyful day orphans of a Children’s Village were give a surprise by Wagenborg. Wagenborg Kazakhstan manager Zhaksylyk Kopbaev promised the children this year is going to be different. The children were not impressed and went with boring facial expressions on board of the bus, which brought them to Bautino.


Upon arrival in Bautino all children received a ‘red collar’. When they realized this was a life jacket, the children were pleasantly surprised and curious to the rest of the day.

Wagenborg captain Yuri Kokareva explained the children they were on board of a floating hotel accomodation for the staff of Kashagan oilfield. Previously the vessel was a passenger vessel for rich passengers, which explains the luxurious interior: splendid furniture, marble stairways and even an elevator.

Captain Yuri Kokareva demonstrated extraordinary qualities of a teacher. Easy answering to most tricky questions, and telling many interesting things about his ship, so that not only children have been listening with their mouths open, but also their mother-educators. In small groups the children made a tour on the floating hotel: from bridge to engineroom and  kitchen. After the tour the children were very impressed of the vessel.

After the lunch all boys and girls watched with interest as a ship moored to the floating hotel: it was time to board an icebreaker. On the icebreaker captain Jan Grünefeld told the children about the icebreaker and its capabilities. During the rest of the day the children made also a tour on board of the icebreaker and were enjoyed with the most interesting stories.

By the evening, on the way back to the Children’s Villege, the kids could not let go off the fantastic day. They all wanted to stay on board of the floating hotel or icebreaker. All children were dreaming about working on board of such a vessel.  Who knows what the future may bring to them…

Because the Wagenborg people also enjoyed the day, they all want to continue working with the Children's Village. In the summer the company is planning another event, but that is still a secret.


Photos: www.lada.kz

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