Not the longest, but in overall combination of length, width and height, two of China’s biggest blades ever are currently under way from China to the Netherlands under the scope of Wagenborg Projects and Logistics.

After careful preparation and in close cooperation, Wagenborg Projects and Logistics and 2-B Energy came to an agreement for the full scope transport of two blades from free on truck delivery at the factory yard in Lianyungang, China, up to delivery under crane hook in Eemshaven, The Netherlands.

With total transport dimensions of 68.5 metres long, 5.65 metres wide and 5 metres high, not many routes were suitable for the road transport from the factory to the port. Together with our local partner Intermax a suitable route was found however during the preparations; 22 kilometres driving distance with only 3 curves and a perfect fit in height with few -but sufficient- centimetres clearance in height.

The nightly drive with escort from the local traffic police took about 5 hours and in the end the blades arrived safely in the port of Lianyungang, nicely in time for the vessel which arrived few days later. Loading operations went smooth and after some hours for safely lashing and securing the cargo, the vessel was ready to sail. She is now well underway to Antwerp, where transhipment into an inland vessel will take place for the final transport to Eemshaven.

2-B Energy

The 2B6, 2-B Energy’s wind turbine, is an innovative 6MW offshore wind turbine. The 2-bladed design leads to a significantly lower Cost of Energy produced, therewith creating new perspectives for future offshore wind projects.

2-B Energy is working hard to introduce and commercialise, at a global level, her new offshore wind power plant concept. 

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