On April 21st the christening and namegiving of yard number 850 took place. For the third time in 67 years, a vessel on our fleet list has been given the name of the company’s founder, 'Egbert Wagenborg'. 

The ice-strengthened multipurpose vessel of the EasyMax type, commissioned by Wagenborg and affiliated partners, with a cargo capacity of over 14.000 tonnes, measuring 149m in length and 15,90 in width, is the largest vessel ever built at a yard situated on the landside of the dikes in the North of the Netherlands. 

M.v. Egbert Wagenborg was christened by ms. Liesbeth van Wessum, wife of mr. Jan van Nieuwenhuizen, Member Board of Directors Rabobank. After the cermony the authority of the vessel (sall sign PDDO, IMO 9802695) was transferred to Captain Erik Magel. The first voyage of Wagenborg's newest flagship involves a load of limestone from Storugns on the Swedish island of Gotland to Kokkola in Finland. 

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