Three giant compressor units of 43 ton each where already waiting for a while to go to their destination in Bacton, UK. Mid-January, the final go was given and transport operation could commence. With an item height of 5 meters, road transport to the destination in England was not feasible. It resulted in a multi-modal combination: road transport, river transport, sea transport and again road transport. 

On a rainy and stormy Friday, Wagenborg’s 200 tons mobile crane was set up at the quayside in Breda, NL. In the meanwhile, loading at the assembly hall already had started. Per 5-axle semi low loader, the compressors were transported to the quayside, where the 200 tons crane loaded them into the river vessel. Via river the cargo was transported to the port of Rotterdam, where a heavy port crane directly transshipped them into Wagenborg seagoing vessel MV Jade. 

Upon arrival in Great Yarmouth, the compressors were transported in convoy to the site of Bacton Gas Plant by Wagenborg and her partner Collett Transport. A 750 tons mobile crane took care of the foundation setting at the project location. 

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