In 2012, Wagenborg opened a new branch office AT Chemelot Industrial Park in SITTARD-Geleen, in the south of The Netherlands. From this office Wagenborg offers its knowledge and services to the innovative industrial partners. “with our experienced crews and state of the art equipment, We can offer added value to all the companies at Chemelot”, according to Ton Klijn, managing director Wagenborg Nedlift. Recently the first big project managed from the geleen office took place...

Wagenborg received the order  to perform the transport and installation of eight pieces of crystallizers and other equipment for a new building project at the DSM site at Chemelot in Sittard-Geleen, the Netherlands. The big unites had different sizes, varying in length from 18.7 to 19.5 meters and in weight from 55 tonnes to 62 tonnes. Each crystallizer has a diameter of nearly 8 meters.

With two shipments, all crystallizers were transported from the manufacturer in Genk (Belgium) to the port of Urmond, the Netherlands. Loading and unloading of the crystallizers took place with two of our mobile cranes. After unloading, the crystallizers were parked at a temporary storage for a short period, because of the tight planning in crossing highway A2. The route from Urmond to the site in Geleen is prepared for these kinds of special transports, because it happens more often. That is why the streetlights can be turned and highway A2 is equipped with a mobile barrier in the centre of the highway. This barrier can easily be removed to allow special transports to pass during nights and minimize nuisance for traffic and inhabitants.

In the night of November 21st, the first series of four crystallizers left the temporary storage at the port of Urmond for their destination Geleen. Around midnight, highway A2 was closed temporarily to pass the transport, after which the cargo was delivered to a temporary storage at the Chemelot site. After delivery, the empty transport combinations returned to Urmond for a repeating action for the last four crystallizers. All transports were executed with 10-axle modular trailers.

Currently, all eight crystallizers are waiting at the temporary storage until their foundations are ready for installation. So, the project will continue in the upcoming period! And with a railway and a electricity grid to pass, the Wagenborg crew has more than enough challenges ahead.

To be continued…

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