For a while Eneco had the desire to provide Rotterdam and her surroundings with a more sustainable heat supply. That is why Eneco and waste processor AVR Rozenburg closed a contact to convert industrial heat from the Rotterdam port area into renewable heat and energy.

For transporting this heat Eneco is installing tubes from Rozenburg, below the ´Nieuwe Waterweg´, via Vlaardingen and Schiedam to Rotterdam. The total length of this route will be about 17 kilometers.  Wagenborg assisted during the instalment of the final and also longest tube. This final tube, measuring 960 meters in length and 90 centimetres in diameter, has a weight of 533 tons. This tube had to be pulled underneath the ´Nieuwe Waterweg´. 

On the side of the Botlek Visser & Smit Hanab drilled a hole below the ‘Nieuwe Waterweg’ to clear a path for the tube. On the other side of the water, near Vlaardingen, the tube was manufactured. The tube exists of smaller parts, measuring 18 meters, which were welded together to a total length of 960 meters. Subsequently the tube was coated to ensure a good condition for many years. After these preparations the tube could finally be positioned for the pulling operation.

During this operation the entire tube was positioned on conductors while eight mobile cranes of Wagenborg kept the tube in the right angle. With 3 x 200 tons and 5 x 80 tons cranes the tube was conducted under ground in the right angle. The drilling machine on the Botlek side was functioning as a kind of pulling machine and dragged the tube underneath the ‘Nieuwe Waterweg’. The tube was dragged with a speed of 100 meters an hour. The lowest point reached was 38 meters below sea-level.

The entire operation went according schedule, while shipping traffic could pass without any nuisance. 

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