Royal SMIT Transformers commissioned Wagenborg Nedlift to transport four 800 Kv transformers to the DNV Kema site in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Once in Arnhem  the 400 tons sheerleg Matador transferred the transformers from the pontoon  on to Wagenborg SPMT’s. The 190 tons transformers were transported to their final destination by 12 axle-lines SPMT’s . 

Prior to this the transformers were  transported from their production site in Nijmegen the Netherlands) to Arnhem. In Nijmegen, two 400 tons mobile cranes loaded the transformers on to a pontoon after which  water transport to Arnhem could begin. Once  in Arnhem the 400 tons sheerleg shifted  the transformers from the pontoon on to the SPMT’s. A spectacular moment.

The final destination was situated  only 400 meters away from the transshipment quay. Although short,  there were a few obstacles. During transport the craftsmanship of the SPMT operators was apparent.. Slowly the transformers crossed  the first 300 meters.. Because of the limited size of the transformers, it was possible to transport them crosswise  instead of lengthwise which is done normally. The advantage of this  method is that there is no need to turn the transformers during installation enabling direct placement on their foundations.  

As it takes less time to unload the transformers than to place them on location, the transformers were unloaded in a temporary storage first. From this storage, with intervals of a few days, the transformers were  transported to their foundation At foundation, they were  placed  on to their final positions by jacking and skidding techniques. A planned stop was  included  halfway the skidding procedure, in order to place the filters above the switch panel via the roof construction by a AT5 Wagenborg tower crane. After this stop, the skidding procedure continued and the transformers were placed upon their foundations  as planned.

Wagenborg performed this project in a successful way and to the full satisfaction of the client.

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