Over the last years Wagenborg proved to be a reliable partner in the transport of heavy components for power plants. This is often extremely complicated and accurate work that has to be carried out as efficiently as possible to keep downtime to a minimum. Because of our experience, knowledge and equipment, this work is grist to Wagenborg's mill. During the past few years we have transported and positioned many transformers within Europe. From Sweden to The Netherlands, from Austria to Germany. Always safe and always on schedule.

Recently Wagenborg was awarded the contract for the unloading, road transport and positioning of a 495 tons transformer onto foundation in a power plant in Wilhelmshaven, Germany. The transformer was manufactured in Nürnberg and shipped to Wilhelmshaven by order of the manufacturer (of the transformer).

Upon arrival in the port of Wilhelmshaven, Wagenborg took care of the road transport of the transformer up to site and the unloading and positioning onto foundation. For the transport on site Wagenborg used a 16 axle lines SPMT in a 4-file configuration. Upon arrival on site the transformer was not immediately positioned onto foundation, but it was temporarily stored onto supports. This way the manufacturer of the transformer could complete the outfitting of the transformer. This outfitting took about 2 weeks, after which the Wagenborg crew could come in action again.

Upon completion of the outfitting of the transformer, it was transported from the temporary storage area to the foundation. Due to space restrictions in front of the foundation, local transport was performed by 12 axle lines SPMT in 4-file configuration instead of the earlier used 16 axles. The capacity of the SPMT’s was calculated to be more than sufficient to carry the complete load of the transformer.

Manoeuvring cautiously and carefully  the transformer arrived at its foundation. By means of jacking and skidding systems the transformer was positioned on its final destination. Another example of a safe project executed on schedule!

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