At Wagenborg the most unique logistic solutions consist of smart thinking and combining Wagenborg services. Our team of experts is using our equipment efficiently and works accurately, even under extreme conditions. Wagenborg is considered to be a one-stop-shop-company with a wide range of equipment, such as tugs, barges, a sheerleg and Self Propelled Modular Trailers (SPMT). We can handle many types of cargo ranging from bridges to container cranes and from offshore wind components to offshore oil and gas modules.

Recently this combination of equipment and experience proved to be essential again in a project at the shipyard Meyerwerft in Papenburg, Germany. The Meyerwerft is a shipyard specialized in building cruise ships, which are becoming more wide over the years. To let these wider vessels pass the lock on their way from the shipyard to sea, the lock gate had to be modified. Modifications on this lock door would be made near the inland port of Papenburg. But how to get the lock door, weighing 260 tons, there? Wagenborg Towage came up with an appropriate solution.

First a temporary lock gate was installed in front of the existing lock gate. This way the lock gate, that had to be modified, could easily be removed. But removing the lock gate was not that simple: first the lift had to be engineered thoroughly. Eventually the engineered lift was ready to be executed in combination by ‘Triton’, Wagenborgs sheerleg. Assisted by the tug ‘Gyas’ the ‘Triton’ lifted the lock gate together with a bridge on top of ‘Wagenborg Barge 6’. Tug ‘Gyas’ and ‘Waterlelie’ transported the loaded barge to the inland port of Papenburg.

Upon arrival in the port of Papenburg the lock gate was transshipped and positioned on the quayside, where the lock gate could be cleaned. Subsequently the gate was transported inside a hall by Wagenborg Nedlift with two double connected 6-axle SPMT’s.

After some weeks of modifications to the lock gate all actions of the SPMT, tugs and sheerleg were repeated in reverse order to get the lock gate, measuring 46 x 20 meters, back at the shipyard Meyerwerft. A great project executed by the Wagenborg crew.

Pictures by Horst Weidemann

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