Filtermodule from factory to foundation


Wagenborg Nedlift recently completed an assignment to deliver a HKGO filter from the factory in Heijningen (The Netherlands) to its foundations at the MiRO refinery in Karlsruhe (Germany).

Wagenborg Nedlift took care of the total package of operations necessary to install the filter, which was completely assembled in Heijningen, on its foundations in Karlsruhe.





This involved, among others

-          local transport on 2x10 lines SPMT

-          tipping the filter and loading it on an inland waterways barge with two 500 tons mobile telescopic cranes

-          unloading in Karlsruhe with a 650 tons mobile telescopic crane

-          transport on 2x10 lines SPMT

-          sliding over a bridge that was not strong enough for the combination of the SPMT and filter

-          tipping the filter back upright again with a 350 tons crawler crane (CC2200) and a 160 tons mobile telescopic crane

-          installation of the filter at the refinery with the CC2200 crawler crane in combination with a 650 tons mobile telescopic crane



The SPMT transport in Karlsruhe could only be done by completely disconnecting four high voltage lines. Again a challenging job, perfectly executed!




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