Over the past century, Wagenborg vessels have been spotted regularly in many ports in the Baltic region. The Dutch company revolutionized the dry-cargo segment with its fleet of over 180 ice-strengthened bulk carriers and multipurpose vessels in a size ranging from 1,000 to 23,000 tonnes. During the past decades Wagenborg gradually expanded her sailing areas for destinations located in the Mediterranean and to the Americas. Wagenborg’s reputation for exemplary cargo handling and delivering cargo in a timely, flexible and cost-effective manner has served the industry well.

Projects melting together

Recently the chartering departments of Wagenborg Shipping and Wagenborg Shipping North America fixed a cargo for the 9.600 DWT multipurpose vessel Virginiaborg. On August 4th the m.v. Virginiaborg,
loaded 7.500 tonnes of dry bulk ore in Finland for the United States. After a day of loading the Virginiaborg could set a direct course to the port of Mobile, Gulf of Mexico, USA.

A few days later, August 7th, Wagenborg Nedlift is in the proces of loading a hydro hammer onto a barge at the manufacturers site in Kinderdijk the Netherlands, for transport to Rotterdam. At this moment the m.v. Virginiaborg is well on her way to the Gulf of Mexico. 

Unfortunately, upon arrival in Rotterdam, where the hydro hammer was planned to be transhipped into a vessel with destination Golf of Mexico, the vessel was not there and the customer IHC, with whom Wagenborg is having a long and extensive relationship, requested Wagenborg Projects & Logistics to come up with a solution.


Due to effective communication within Wagenborg, Wagenborg Projects & Logistics and Wagenborg Shipping arranged a detour for m.v. Virginiaborg to the port of Rotterdam to load the hydro hammer. After sea
fastening the Virginiaborg could resume her transatlantic crossing to Mobile, USA.

Wagenborg, a sign of solutions

This project again demonstrated the strength and flexibility of Royal Wagenborg. A close co-operation between Wagenborg Nedlift, Wagenborg Projects & Logistics, Wagenborg Shipping and Wagenborg
Shipping North America completely took away it’s customers logistic problem and came up with a strong solution.

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