Wagenborg recently carried out a wonderful A to Z project: the transport of four enormous tanks from 't Zand in North Holland to Farmsum in Groningen. The entire project included water transport from 't Zand to Farmsum, transshipment of the tanks in Farmsum, land transport to the foundation in Farmsum and installation of the tanks.

At the end of August the tanks were loaded at Wagenborg Barge 14 and 15 in 't Zand, after which Wagenborg Towage sailed the tanks to Farmsum. Once they had arrived here, Wagenborg Nedlift was able to transfer the tanks from the pontoons to SPMTs with no fewer than 44 axle lines, after the seafastenings had been unfastened. Wagenborg Nedlift used a 750-tonne mobile crane for this transshipment. An impressive sight.

During the following land transport the tanks had to undergo two more tests: negotiating two pipe bridges. The tanks were lifted in tandem over the first pipe bridge with the help of 2,500-tonne mobile cranes fitted with luffing jib. A 750-tonne crane was used to pass the second pipe bridge.

Finally the four gigantic tanks, with a diameter of 13 metres, a height of 30 metres and a weight of 90 tonnes each, could be placed on their foundation according to plan, using a 700-tonne mobile crane.

Another wonderful and comprehensive A to Z project we brought to a good end thanks to good communication and optimal cooperation!

Images: Willem Klootsema

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