On November 2nd work started on the expansion of the office at the Kampenstraat in Oldenzaal, The Netherlands. In 2006 Wagenborg Foxdrill moved to a new location that included room for storage and performing maintenance on its equipment. After barely three years, the team which is responsible for a variety of technical and logistical solutions in the oil- and gas industry has grown beyond the capacity of the current office.
Gevel aanzicht foxdrill

It is a known fact that Foxdrillers thrive well at height, this combined with limited possibilities for expansion at ground level, made the choice for an additional storey no more than logical. After a tender period, local construction company Ten Tije obtained the order for the construction of the new floor.
Within Wagenborg there is another team which is accustomed to working ‘on a high level’ and that is Wagenborg Nedlift. Having said so they were asked to perform the various lifting operations during the construction.

To limit the effects of weather conditions on the building process a temporary cover was constructed, supported by scaffolding. The expansion is also used to further express the Wagenborg element in and around the office.

foxdrill kantoor
The expansion is expected to be finished February next year.

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