Wagenborg recently carried out a wonderful project at PMF in Farmsum: weighing, jacking and transporting a 130-ton skid.

After weighing the skid using load cells, the skid was jacked and the SPMTs with 2 x 12 lines of axles were driven under the skid. Next, the skid was placed on the SPMTs, after which it was transported to the inner harbour of Farmsum. In the inner harbour the skid was rolled onto the Wagenborg Barge 15, when it was ready for water transport to Delfzijl. Once there, the skid was transferred to a rigged seagoing vessel and eventually made the crossing to Texas, where the skid has arrived in the meantime.

This project involved a series of sub-projects, where good communication and cooperation were crucial for successful completion. Once again a good example of how Wagenborg combines its strengths, thus living up to its company slogan: ‘Sign of Solutions’.

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