On behalf of  Barkmeijer Stroobos B.V. Wagenborg had to move, to hoist and to skid a couple of ship sections for the construction of a dredger. The major part of the ship sections has been constructed at the Barkmeijer shipyard in Stroobos. Some sections were  built at the Niestern Sander shipyard. It was up to Wagenborg to transport the sections and install them into the dock.

Using SPMTs (self-propelled modular trailers), Wagenborg moved the ship sections, each with dimensions 11,7 meters length, 21,5 meters wide and a total weight up to 320 tonnes, built at the Niestern Sander shipyard, one by one from the quay onto Wagenborg Barge 2. The ship sections were transported through the sea locks to the dock of Niestern Sanders at the harbour of Delfzijl with the help of the tug “Waterstad”.

Three of the ship sections were moved onto the pontoon using the Wagenborg skidding system, because of their weight. Some other dredger sections have been hoisted onto the skidding system using Wagenborgs sheerlegTriton. During the next coming weeks, the dredger will be fully prepared for the final construction phase in Harlingen.

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