In the crowded tourist town of Ashdod (Israel), the summer is ahead. In this region, temperatures can sometimes run high. The demand for power decreases dramatically through the use of refrigeration facilities for offices, homes and hotels. The current power supplies in the area can no longer meet the demands for the coming season. Good advice was hard to find, because new supply equipment needs a long lead to be delivered.

In Rotterdam a new gas plant was waiting unemployed for a while waiting for better economic times. The generator of this plant could therefore be equally missed. In early May it was put on transport to Ashdod. With special heavy duty trailers, the 345-ton giant was driven to the quay driven and loaded in the vessel using a floating crane . Two weeks later, the ship arrived with his precious cargo in the port of Ashdod, where everything had already been charged for the last bit transport to the final destination prepared. A just-in-time delivery!

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