Two weeks ago, Wagenborg Nedlift completed the first phase of the transport of two giant transformers from Bad Honnef to Dörpen, Germany. Last week, the final part of the project was completed. Via river barges, the two giants were transport from Germany to Herbrum, approx. 10 km from their final destination. In Herbrum, a roll-off operation took place with a specially constructed roro-bridge. As soon as the roro-operation was finished, the convoy took off to the substation in Dörpen. With Wagenborg Nedlift’s hydraulic lifting gantry, the giants were carefully put onto their foundations.


Watertransport via het Dortmund – Ems kanaal


Roll-off operatie vanaf het ponton


Voorzichtig manoeuvreren op de tijdelijke roro-brug

Tweede trafo tijdens roll-off operatie


Konvooi gereed voor transport naar de eindbestemming in Dörpen

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