Van Oord is building an advanced offshore wind farm transport and installation vessel, named ‘Aeolus’. The vessel is constructed at the Sietas Shipyard in Hamburg. The vessel will be equipped with a gigantic crane. Question is how to transport a crane with these dimensions to this construction site? The crane measures over 100 meters in length, more than 10 meters in width, over 6 meters in height and weighs approximately 350 tons.


Van Oord approached Wagenborg Projects & Logistics with the request to transport the crane from the manufacturers site in Lübeck to Hamburg by vessel intially.

Our logistic solution

Due to these dimensions it was impossible to transport this crane using one of our multipurpose vessels. Positioning on deck was an alternative, but Wagenborg Projects & Logistics came up with a much easier solution: towing this transport to Hamburg by barge. That is when the experts of Wagenborg Towage got involved.

The tugs Waterstroom, Watergeus and Wagenborg Barge 5 are perfect for transporting these types of special project cargo. Only one question remained:  how to move this gigantic crane onto the barge? A simple call to Wagenborg Nedlift was enough to arrange a RORO operation. This is what makes Wagenborg a unique company. Having skilled people, equipment and logistic solutions available in-house.

Smooth operations

After completing all the engineering and other preparations, the job started with positioning the barge alongside the quay of the crane manufacturer in Lübeck. Subsequently the barge was prepared for the cargo and ballasted to the right water level to enable a smooth RORO operation. After these preparations the heavy crane was moved successfully onto the barge with two 6-axle double connected SPMT’s. Finally, the cargo was secured for transport to Hamburg.

What initially started with a shipping request, became an integrated logistic solution involving a tug, a barge and some SPMT’s. This is a great example of our ‘sign of solutions’ philosophy.

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