Generating sustainable energy is a widely discussed topic. Windmills rise up like mushrooms. But positioning windmills is complicated. Especially when they need to be installed at sea. 

To install the mills at sea, special equipment is required, like a pile gripper frame. This frame is developed as an instrument to keep monopoles for wind turbines in the correct position during placement at sea. In the construction hall of Breman Machinery B.V. in Genemuiden (the Netherlands), a new frame is build, weighing 375 tonnes. Breman Machinery B.V. was commissioned by Van Oord to construct this new frame. An honor for Wagenborg to transport this giant from Genemuiden to IJmuiden.

Wagenborg employed 18 axle-lines SPMT’s to transport the frame out of the construction hall. After crossing the dike, the RoRo operation could start and the frame is expertly positioned onto Wagenborg Barge 1. Hereafter, Wagenborg tugboats Waterpoort and Waterlelie transported the frame to IJmuiden. Here, the frame is unloaded onto the quay by SPMT’s.

A colorful and impressive spectacle.   

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