High level logistic performance!


After more than a year of hard working, this week the goal was achieved: the last pipe of the 302 kilometers long Nord-europäische Erdgasleitung, so-called NEL, was delivered on the jobsite. A high level logistic piece of work, with an important role for Wagenborg Nedlift. During this project, Nedlift took care of the logistic services of the pipes from the railway stations up to the various construction sites along the route. On a daily basis, 26 wagonloads with 78 pipes arrived at the railway stations. Nedlift’s job was to offload the rail wagons in one day and transport the pipes to the construction site. Per truck one pipe of 1.40 meter diameter and 18 meter length was transported. Within a time frame of 10 working hours a day. To be transported along different distances, via sometimes hardly accessible routes. As a customer, you need a smart logistic company to cope with these challenging circumstances. Both project managers and truck drivers of Wagenborg Nedlift proved their skills during the past year. The delivery of the 235 wagon loads with 17.032 (!) pipes in total has been finalized right on schedule. 52.000 working hours, 1.2 million transport kilometers. Without any incidents and with compliments of the client. A high level logistic performance!



NEL kraan met buizen

Offloading from railway station


Auto met buis

Arrival of truck at lay down area

Convoy through beautiful German countryside

Herr Jäger from Europipe receives a truck model from Ton Klijn during project closure reception

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