Today the characteristic Groninger Museum, which is surrounded by water, was one of the locations where Wagenborg Nedlift was given the opportunity to demonstrate its creativity and ingenuity. Commissioned by BAM Bouw en Techniek, today it replaced the old air handling unit with a new one. But how? Because of the water, this is not the easiest location to position a crane. That is why it was decided to place a 300-tonne mobile crane on the nearby Ubbo Emmiussingel, from where it could lift the unit from the roof of the museum and place the new unit, thus 'bridging' the water.

The work started early this morning. First, the old unit was lifted from the building in three parts, each weighing 2,500 kg, which were then taken away. Starting at noon the same crane was used to place the new air handling unit in five parts (each weighing 1,500 kg). By the end of the day the work was finished and both the Wagenborg craftsmen and the customer could look back with great satisfaction on a smooth operation.

Thanks to the successful completion of the work, the new air handling unit can soon be operational and provide the museum with excellent air quality.

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