Installing monopiles in the sea has negative effects for underwater life. To protect the underwater world, IHC IQIP developed the Integrated Monopile Installer. This system installs monopiles in accordance with current noise standards, including the standards for German offshore wind projects. Additionally, the Integrated Monopile Installer can be used in different and worse weather conditions than before and has various functions that help to reduce installation time and install the monopiles in an efficient manner. Wagenborg had the honour of loading and unloading the different parts of one of these IHC IQIP systems. A beautiful and versatile project!

At the end of 2017, the middle and top parts of the Integrated Monopile Installer were shipped from Bilbao (Spain) to the Eemshaven via the mv Vechtborg. The parts were lifted from the ship with the aid of a 500-tonne mobile crane from Wagenborg Nedlift and then placed on the heavy load quay of Groningen Seaports in the Beatrixhaven, the temporary storage location of the parts.

The bottom parts of the Integrated Monopile Installer are manufactured by Breman Machinery B.V. in Genemuiden. Wagenborg used SPMTs to transport the parts from the hall to the quay. With two 500-tonne mobile cranes, the parts were then loaded into the tandem lift at Wagenborg Barge 1, after which the parts continued their way to the Eemshaven. The 'centraliser' with which the monopiles are centred during the installation also comes from Genemuiden. The centraliser was shipped to the Eemshaven with Wagenborg Barge 6.

After the last part, the rail frame, was delivered, Wagenborg put together the 'Integrated Monopile Installer puzzle' in the Eemshaven with an LR1600 crawler crane and a 700 tonne mobile crane. Currently the final assembly work is taking place, after which the Integrated Monopile Installer will be placed on board an installation vessel to start its works. In terms of both logistics and engineering, a challenging and comprehensive project that was completed successfully thanks to optimal cooperation and professional execution!

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