Rigging. A profession in its own right, but essential for performing lifting and hoisting activities well and in a safe manner. Wagenborg recognizes the importance of well-educated riggers and for this reason set up a unique internal rigging course, to share and secure professional skills and knowledge. 

The Wagenborg rigging course consists of a theoretical and a practical part. During the practical part, practical experience, skills and knowledge is  transferred to junior and advanced riggers. The practical part of the course takes place at the Wagenborg training location: a completely  equipped simulation site for rigging activities. Working together safely, solution focused and according to plan are the most important aspects of this part of the course. Participants are challenged to execute assignments together, while they are facing complicated practical situations.

During the theoretical part of the course, Wagenborg’s own training method ‘rigging’ is used. This method is set up according to the high safety standards of Wagenborg. Important aspects are a safe use of hoisting and lifting equipment, determining lifting capacities, lifting and hoisting loads, communication, using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and health and ergonomics. 

Barry Schotman is tutor and experienced crane operator at Wagenborg. Schotman supports riggers during the course. After finishing the course, an evaluation takes place. During this evaluation, all participants get feedback on their strengths and their points of improvement.

This internal rigging course complements the VVL course (moving loads safely), which is the entry level of the junior riggers of Wagenborg. Thus, Wagenborg invests time and effort in ‘knowledge under the crane hook’ in order to optimize cooperation between crane driver and rigger.

Do you want to know more about the Wagenborg internal rigging course? Please send an e-mail to nedlift.opleidingen@wagenborg.com. 

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