Recently Wagenborg  executed a special job: transshipment of an hydraulic knuckle tree crane, using three mobile cranes with a lifting capacity of 400 tons each. The transshipment from inland vessel onto seagoing vessel took place in Harlingen (the Netherlands).

The crane was constructed in Drachten (the Netherlands). In Drachten the crane was loaded upon m.v. Limenas, using a 400 tonnes mobile crane and local hall cranes. Upon arrival in Harlingen, the special triple lift operation started. The three mobile cranes lifted the hydraulic knuckle tree crane and kept it at height while m.v. Limenas sailed away so m.v. Deo Volente could take her position. Subsequently, the Wagenborg team loaded the crane into m.v. Deo Volente so the crane could continue her voyage to her final destination. A successful operation through close cooperation and communication. 

The knuckle tree crane, weighing 193 tonnes, will be installed and serve on board a seagoing vessel.

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