The Eemshaven area is looking like an ant-hill these days. Two major power plant construction projects have been started to secure future power supply for the Netherlands. At the new built RWE KW Eemshaven, Wagenborg Nedlift is playing a major role in the project management, co-ordination and execution of the logistic activities of the steel construction. This initially covers 7,000 tons of steel construction, with all kinds of weights and dimensions. Wagenborg Nedlift’s scope is to transport the parts from quayside up to storage area at the plant. Last week, some extraordinary parts were transported. Two large steel structures of 128 tons each, 28 meters long and 6,1 meters wide were offloaded from inland water vessels onto trailer by two heavy mobile cranes. During the night, the convoy slowly moved to the RWE site, thus avoiding any obstruction in normal working routine for the construction crew at site. With same cranes used for the transhipment operation, the parts were offloaded at site. They are now waiting for installation at their final destination in the boiler building at 102 (!) meter height. In total, 28,000 tons of steel construction parts will be used for the new powerplant.

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