During May and June this year, the wooden bridge over the Wiese river and the B317 road in Lörrach (Germany) will be completely replaced. The longest wooden bridge in Germany is built in 1983. Regretfully, the bridge suffered from severe damage over the years due to weather conditions. Therefore, the bridge needs to be replaced. May 2016, the old bridge has been dismantled. Mid-June, it was up to Wagenborg to transport the new bridge to Lörrach.

Wagenborg transported the bridge from the production site in Fresenburg (Germany) to her final destination in Lörrach, on behalf of Peters Arbeitsbühnen- und Gerätevermietung GmbH & Co. KG, located in Itterbeck (Germany). A 775 kilometer journey. The bridge, measuring 85 meters in total, is transported in seven parts by low loaders. Each transport was measuring 25,5 x 4,2 x 4,4 meters (L x B x H). Besides transporting the bridge, three normal trailers full with various materials were brought to South Germany. Moreover, Wagenborg supplied and positioned all steel plates during this project as well.

Because of the extreme rainfall during the past weeks, it was impossible to carry out the activities as planned on forehand. The first three bridge parts were unloaded at the intended location, which was only accessible by driving backwards through the floodplains of the Wiese river for 1500 meters. Regretfully the other 4 bridge parts could not be unloaded at this location, because of the rising flood. These parts were unloaded at the parking area of a soccer field nearby. Wagenborg performed her activities to full satisfaction of her client.

Last weekend of June, 2016, the new bridge will be assembled. During this weekend, the B317 road will be fully blocked for traffic. July, 2016, the new bridge will be opened. 

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