After christening and name giving by Miss Manon de Haan, m.v. Marietje Marsilla was launched on June 25th at Barkmeijer Shipyards in Stroobos.






The Marietje Marsilla is the second in a series of four 1A ice-classed nozzle fitted 8300 tons vessels Barkmeijer is building for the Danser-Van Gent family in Delfzijl.





Principal particulars: length overall 126,20 m., width 15,20 m., moulded depth 9,50 m., container capacity 305 TEU of which 125 on deck, main engine: 3060 kW B&W MAN-diesel.




The expected delivery of mv Marietje Marsilla will be end of this year.





©photos Henk Zuur






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