On March 17th, after christening and name-giving by Eva Pot, m.v. Vikingbank (yardnumber 406) was launched at Shipyard Ferus Smit, Westerbroek. The Vikingbank is the sixth vessel in the Pot Scheepvaart fleet christened by this twenty year old sports-management student.


Soon the now vacant slipway will be taken up by the first section of yardnumber 407, m.v. Vlieborg. Both Vikingbank and Vlieborg are, regarding size, the largest and heaviest vessels built by Ferus Smit at the Winschoterdiep. Delivery of m.v. Vikingbank is expected mid-April.


General information:


Length over all           142,65 metre

Width                           15,87 metre

Depth                           10,78 metre

Deadweight                11.850 ton

Cargo capacity           503.500 cft

Main engine                4000 kW Mak 8M32

Speed                         14 knots



©photos: Henk Zuur

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