Last week, the always quiet Von Walthausen Strasse in Bochum turned into a spectacular lifting scene. The old railway bridge was replaced by a new one. For the lifting of the 340 tons bridge, Wagenborg Nedlift’s 750 tons crawler crane LR1750 was mobilized, equipped with 260 tons of superlift counterweight. 

More than 40 trailers were used to transport this giant to the working location. Upon arrival, the assembly of the crane seemed quite a challenge as this had to be done in the city’s narrow streets. During the rail blocking period in the weekend, the lifting operation finally could commence. The old bridge was lifted from its foundation carefully. A few hundred inhabitants of Bochum watched this spectacle. In the meanwhile, Wagenborg Nedlift installed another crane on the other side of the rail track. This 400 tons mobile crane lifted the 54 tons new temporary bridge onto foundation. The job was completed well before deadline. Within a few weeks, the road across the railway will be available for traffic again.

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