Wednesday, June 30th, Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding Co. Ltd., Shanghai, delivered m.v. Arubaborg.



Preceded by Amstelborg, Arneborg, Amazoneborg, Asiaborg, Americaborg, Australiaborg, Africaborg, Atlanticborg, Avonborg, Alaskaborg and Azoresborg, this vessel is the eleventh in a series of 1A ice-classed, multi purpose vessels of 17300 ton DWT, geared with three 60 ton deck-cranes, the Chinese yard is building for Wagenborg.



General information:

LOA:              142.89 metres

Width:            21.50 metres

Hold:              13.30 metres

Main engine:   7500 kW Wärtsilä 6L46F

Service speed: 17 miles           



With captain D. Ciacu in charge, the Arubaborg started her maiden trip on July 4th. In Sacramanto, Californoa rice had to be loaded for Japan.



Photos: Philippe van Wensveen



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