On December 18th, m.v. Reggeborg was launched successfully at Shipyard Ferus Smit GmbH at Leer.

Photo: Henk Zuur
Photo: Henk Zuur

This ice-classed multipurpose vessel with a cargo capacity of 23.000 tons, measuring nearly 170 meters in length and 20,40 meters in width, is the largest vessel Wagenborg ever owned. This is also the largest vessel ever built at Shipyard Ferus Smit.

After m.v. Reestborg, m.v. Reggeborg is the second vessel in a series of three. This series will be completed with m.v. Roerborg. Her launch is expected in September 2014.

The R-series is equipped with a so-called eco bow. In addition to this, these vessels have a relatively low engine capacity so they can be labelled “green”. The R-series is unique in combining cargo capacity, hold dimensions and fuel consumption. Delivery of m.v. Reggeborg is planned early 2014.

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