Recently a new accommodation unit was installed on 'SERKEBORG', a vessel from the Wagenborg Offshore fleet. With this new unit the accommodation facilites are expanded from 12 to 24 people, including 11 crewmembers. The expansion is part of the conversion of 'SERKEBORG', which is executed upcomin weeks. Shipyard Royal Niestern Sander is converting the vessel into a so-called diving support vessel. 'SERKEBORG' wil play a major role in subsea and dive operations.

The conversion of ‘SERKEBORG’ is thoroughly engineered by a close cooperation between the Wagenborg Projects & Newbuilding department and shipyard Royal Niestern Sander. The major conversion comprises the following items:

  • converting the vessel into a DP2 vessel;
  • installation of a fire-fighting unit;
  • installation of a four point mooring system;
  • installation of a diving decompression chamber;
  • installation of a moon pool;
  • upgrade of the crane to a capacity of 25 tonnes at 10 metres outreach.
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