Recently a special job was carried out at the jobsite of Statoil EGL in Etzel, Germany. Wagenborg was awarded a contract to lift and install six adsorbers of each 98,5 tons. These adsorbers all had the same dimension and measured 13,5 m in length, 4,25 m in width and 4,12 m in height. Besides the adsorbers also additional equipment had to be installed by Wagenborg.

For this special project Wagenborg put a 400 t crawler crane (LR1400) and a 500 t mobile crane into operation. All adsorbers were transported under the hook of the cranes by trailer, after which the two cranes lifted the adsorbers off the trailer. The 500 t mobile crane assisted the crawler crane as a tail crane to position the column from a horizontal position into a vertical position. Subsequently the LR1400 lifted the first column onto its foundation. For this lifting job the crawler crane was mobilized in super lift configuration including lifting gear, like the spreader beams and slings for the columns. After the successful installation of the first adsorber the other 5 columns followed. 

The installation of all adsorbers was executed from the West to the East of the plant. This enabled the crane operator to have a permanent view on the load during the lifting operation. By following this sequence of installing the columns Wagenborg started with the maximum required Superlift counterweight. While working into the Southern direction Superlift counterweight was removed. From this point of view the most efficient sequence of installation with a minimum risk of damage was chosen.

Again a very impressive project and a great piece of workmanship in which Wagenborg showed her expertise in executing projects of this scale. The entire project was successfully closed within the deadline as agreed before to full satisfaction of our customer. The Wagenborg crew can look back on a great project!

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