Last Tuesday night, a special transport occurred in Utrecht (The Netherlands). It concerned a composite bridge deck, which is transported in an upright position. 

A view days ago, the bridge was loaded by Wagenborg near the construction hall in Rotterdam (The Netherlands), transported to Utrecht by barge and hoisted (near the ‘Balije bridge’) in the upright position with a 500 and 200 tons mobile crane. Due to many obstacles and trees, it has been decided to transport the composite bridge deck, weighing 45 tons, in an upright position. The engineers of Wagenborg developed a special construction to support the bridge deck in this vertical position. By transporting the bridge deck by this special construction in vertical position, the height of this transport amounted about 16 meters. 

At the construction site at the ‘Vondellaan’, the bridge is put horizontal by the same cranes. One day later, the bridge deck will be placed at the final position.

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