On Thursday, January 26th, Wagenborg positioned 4 enormous oil tanks at Chemical Park Delfzijl (the Netherlands). The day before, Wagenborg first transshipped the tanks (measuring 14 meters in height, 14 meters in diameter and weighing 48 tonnes each) onto a pontoon in order to be transported to Chemical Park Delfzijl.

Upon arrival, the tanks were lifted one by one and transshipped onto conventional trailers. Transportation to their final destination was not a straight forward job as they had to pass several obstacles on the way. First, the tanks had to cross a railway track (temporarily out of service because of this transport). Secondly, the tanks had to be lifted across a cable duct by mobile cranes, while the conventional trailers could drive underneath it. On the other site of the cable duct, the tanks were loaded upon the trailers again. Lastly, the tanks had to cross the embankment.

After the tanks were positioned onto the conventional trailers again, the last part of their journey could continue: the part inside the embankment. Upon arrival at their final destination, the tanks were positioned, one by one, onto their foundations.

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