In 2006, Wagenborg exchanged a rotation cooler at BP in Lingen, Germany. After 7 years of faithful service, the cooling unit needed to be replaced. Because of our earlier experiences with this cooler exchange operation, Wagenborg received order for the replacement of the cooler. The dimensions of the cooling unit are 24,55 meters long with a diameter of 3,5 meters and a weight of 103 tons. 

Due to changes in the design of the cooling unit, the exchange concept of 2006 was no longer suitable. Wagenborg’s engineering department therefore developed a new technical concept for the exchange operation which perfectly fitted for both the old and new cooling unit. 

Wagenborg received order for the transport of the new cooling unit from the fabrication shop in Stassfurt up to the project site in Lingen by 16 axlelines conventional trailer. The new unit was stored at the temporary storage area. In the meanwhile, the skidding system was assembled at site. The exchange operation consisted of various phases. One of them seemed like a railway switch. The cooler was positioned between two concrete foundations. The only way to liberate the unit was by skidding it backwards beyond the first foundation. Then, the skidding track with the cooling unit on top was turned 20 degrees so the unit could be skidded out of the construction. Two mobile cranes of 200 tons capacity lifted the old unit from the skid beams and loaded it onto SPMTs for transport to the storage area. 

The cranes moved to the storage area to offload the old unit and load the new unit onto SPMTs. After that, they were relocated smoothly to the plant again to lift and position the new unit onto the skid track. With a reverse skidding operation, the new cooler was delivered onto its foundations, ready for seven years of smooth operations. 

A nice and challenging job for Wagenborg Nedlift and Wagenborg S&G!

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