In the midst of summer, July 2016, an inland vessel crashed into the Oostersluisbrug in Groningen (the Netherlands), causing considerable damage to the bridge. Exactly a year later, July, 2017, Wagenborg lifted the damaged bridge part and transported the bridge to Machinefabriek Rusthoven B.V. in Groningen where the bridge will be repaired.  

Wagenborg lifted the bridge, measuring 17,5 meters and weighing 84 tonnes, from her abudments using a 400 and 500 tonnes mobile crane and loaded the bridge onto Wagenborg Barge 2, shipping it  to Machinefabriek Rusthoven B.V. in Groningen. Here, the same mobile cranes turned the bridge upside down, in order to allow easy repair the bridge.

After repair, Wagenborg will perform all activities again, in reverse order. During the last weekend of  August, Wagenborg will reposition the repaired bridge.

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