In Bocholt (Germany) we recently carried out an impressive operation: transporting, positioning and placing the 47-metre long Podiumbrücke. A project that allowed us to combine many of our different disciplines and qualities to successfully and safely install this bridge, the largest connecting link of the KuBAal project.

The 205-tonne bridge was mounted on the assembly site, close to its final location. First of all, here our craftsmen jacked the bridge 1.5 metres up, to be able to drive SPMTs with 2 x 6 axles, fitted with BOB beams, under the bridge and place the bridge on the SPMTs. Once placed onto the SPMTs the transport to the bank could start. Here a beautiful interplay started between 2 x 500-tonne mobile cranes on the one hand and the SPMTs on the other. The two 500-tonne cranes together kept one side of the bridge in position from the other side of the water, while the SPMTs positioned the bridge (by shuttling alternately) further and further to and across the water. Once far enough, 2 x 400-tonne mobile cranes took over from the SPMTs and the bridge could be positioned on the abutments with the help of a total of 4 mobile cranes.

A very challenging and spectacular project, both in terms of engineering and execution, which was carried out to the full satisfaction of both the client and Wagenborg.

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