On August 24th, attended by a lot of people, Triton, a floating heavy lift crane owned by Hanzestad Hijstransport, a sub-division of Wagenborg Towage, positioned the 210 ton weighing Berlagebridge in Groningen.



Earlier that day, Triton arrived in Groningen with Wagenborg Barge 2 carrying the 210 ton colossus and assisted by the two tugs Laga and Gyas.



Transport from Foxhol, where the bridge was constructed by Machinefabriek Emmen, through the Winschoterdiep was delayed a day before lifting, due to heavy winds. For security reasons the exceptional towage was temporarily moored close to Waterhuizen.

The Berlagebridge is part of the new Berlage route, making the easterly part of Groningen and the town centre more accessible.

During positioning of the bridge, traffic on the Eemskanaal was obstructed for a couple of hours.



The new Berlagebridge will be taken into use in December. 





©photos Henk Zuur

Translation: Josien Winter





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