Recently Wagenborg transported four train wagons from Groβauheim Hanau (Germany) to the Wildlands Adventure Zoo in Emmen (the Netherlands). These train wagons will be part of the decor of this new zoo.  This was a special road transport. 

It was more complex to load the train wagons than it seemed. Wagenborg used her 200 tons mobile crane to lift the wagons from their chassis first. After these lifts it was possible to remove all  protruding parts from the bottom of the wagons (air tanks, stairs, linking pins etc.). After the removal of these parts, the wagons  were loaded on the trucks. A fifth truck was used for  transporting  the wheelsets. When securing of all the wagons and wheelsets was completed the combinations (up to 29 meters long, 3,30 meters wide and 4,30 meters high) started their road trip to the Netherlands accompanied by pilot cars. A  very special transport indeed: moving railway wagons by road.

From the Wagenborg site Schoonebeek, the train wagons were transported, one by one, to the Wildlands Adventure Zoo in Emmen. Two 80 tons mobile Wagenborg cranes discharged the train wagons and the wheelsets after reaching their final location. 

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