SCA AFH Benelux and Reining made a next step in their shared ambition for continuous improvement of quality. Since 2008, Reining provides full-service logistics at pallet level from different production sites in Europe to 350 customers throughout the Benelux, partly through the regional distribution centre in Tilburg. Due to the connection between Advanced Planning System and Transport- and Warehouse Management Systems, there will be real time information about the status of all orders.

‘Of course tracking orders is important’, both parties confirm. But in fact the essence is in providing daily services according to conditions agreed. ‘Then tracking is only important to be able to take action in case of deviations. This can only be guaranteed by keeping all processes in own hands’.

That vision caused a drastic change of plans at Reining about 2 years ago. Most companies strived for long term continuation by reducing own assets and by just being an organiser. Reining headed for another direction. Indeed being an organiser in the supply chain, but doing so with full guarantees concerning service provision. To do so, you need a professional organisation, the right ICT systems, your own trucks and your own distribution centres. Large investments have been made to do so. Every year an increase of twenty percent.

The choice of one our long term partners to broaden and deepen the cooperation, Reining interprets as a confirmation of being on the right way.

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