Royal Wagenborg goes wherever the customer wants us to be. This proved true once more early 2014, when a large international drilling company awarded Wagenborg the contract for moving the Eurorig Bentec 350 onshore drilling rig from Kikinda, Serbia to Hodonin in the Czech Republic.

A huge challenge

For many years Wagenborg Foxdrill has been taking care of the assembly and disassembly of several rigs for this customer throughout Europe. Last December also Wagenborg Nedlift got involved when the Eurorig Bentec 450 was moved from the Munich region in Germany to the Gdanks region in Poland. This cooperation between the Wagenborg companies was a success in terms of assembly, disassembly, just-in-time loading and discharging. The quality of this combined Wagenborg service was reason for another contract award, which turned out to be a huge challenge: between the time of the final contract award and project execution was only less than 14 days!

Experience and knowledge

In Europe, Wagenborg can mobilize state-of-the art equipment for every rig move, such as mobile cranes, heavy duty trailers, rigging equipment and cargo vessels. As Wagenborg is a full service logistic provider, all expertise and knowledge is available within our company to  guarantee a smooth rig move. As usual Wagenborg Foxdrill and Wagenborg Nedlift take care of such projects together. The efforts of this specialized project team often results in a door-to-door logistic service. Many of our crew members have been working together for a number of years, accumulating experience on many types of masts and rigs.

Meeting expectations

As preparation Wagenborg created a custom-made project plan in close cooperation with the project managers, QHSE department, field supervisors and customer. With a rig move manual, comprising site visits, road inspections, resource planning, procedures, method statements and safety assessments every project is assured to be carried out in accordance with the latest regulations combined with Wagenborg’s most recent field experiences to meet expectations.

The importance of transport planning

One of the most important elements of a rig move is the transport planning since about 80 different truckloads had to be transported. Wagenborg performed a scout trip in order to familiarize with the situation on the route from Serbia to the Czech Republic in detail. Then the complete transport planning was determined, including elements such as types and number of trucks, permit restrictions and customs formalities. To ensure the execution of this transport planning an experienced truck pusher was in Serbia to coordinate the logistic movements to Hodonin. The heaviest part of 61 tons was transported to Bad Bentheim, Germany to have its inspection over there.

On a daily basis Wagenborg was confronted with the local authorities, which are working in a ‘non-western’ manner. As a result some trucks were delayed for hours or even days! Nevertheless, due to a proper planning and constantly monitoring Wagenborg was able to accomplish the rig move in the agreed time frame.

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