On Monday, November 21st, 2016, Wagenborg unloaded a windmill blade in Wieringerwerf (the Netherlands) with a tandem lift operation. Wagenborg was hired by Bolk Transport B.V. to unload this blade, measuring 68 meters and weighing 25 tonnes. One week earlier, a similar blade had been transshipped at the same location. 

The blades were expertly transshipped upon a Bolk trailer by a 100 and 130 tonnes mobile telescopic crane. Hereafter, the blades were transported to and unloaded next to the facilities of ‘Kenniscentrum WMC’ in Wieringerwerf. Thanks to smooth cooperation and good communication, this job is successfully completed.

The blades will be extensively tested at ‘Kenniscentrum WMC’. When test results are positive, the blades will be transported to their final destination, a few kilometers away.

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