Shipping a spare part with Express delivery from the Netherlands to Wilhelmshaven, that can be arranged quickly. But when the spare part is a transformer of 295 tons? How do you ever organize a quick delivery of such a giant at a power plant in Wilhelmshaven? Last week, Wagenborg Nedlift faced that challenge.


The present transformer at the Wilhelmshaven power plant was broken down. The emergency transformer, especially meant for this situations and located in Nijmegen-Netherlands, therefore had to be shipped urgently. Within a few days after receipt of formal order, the transport crew of Wagenborg Nedlift took care of a roll-on operation of the transformator onto the quickly organized barge.


Via inland water the transport took off to Rotterdam,  where floating sheerleg Matador 3 arranged transshipment into seagoing vessel. Soon enough, the ship set sail to Wilhelmshaven. Floating sheerleg Enak was already waiting to hook on the ‘package’. After that, the final route by road was a piece of cake.


At the power plant site, installation of the emergency transformer will be finalized and within a few days be operational.


Transshipment with sheerleg Enak in Wilhelmshaven


Transshipment Rotterdam with Matador 3 


Local transport in Wilhelmshaven

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