ESTA is the European Association of heavy transport and lifting companies in Europe. Each year, the ESTA Awards are given for the best projects in the field of heavy transport and lifting, safety and innovation. This year, Wagenborg Nedlift received the Safety Award at the annual ESTA meeting in Amsterdam, early June.


Wagenborg Nedlift’s employees from Equipment Department developed a system to guarantee that a (double) hoisting block remains in a 100% horizontal position. This is crucial during lifting operations. A deviation in the hoisting block position leads to a major safety risk for the lifting works, the item lifted and close vicinity.


The system developed exists of an electronic sensor on the hoisting block, which constantly monitors the hoisting blocks position. This information is communicated to the operator cabin via wireless connection. If necessary, the crane operator can correct the hoisting blocks position and thus execute the lifting works in a 100% safe way. A practical and efficient invention!


Managing Director Ton Klijn of Wagenborg Nedlift was very happy with the Safety Award. “With the development of this levelling device, our employees contributed to improvement of safety during lifting operations. This perfectly suits our vision on safe working methods, with which we distinguish ourselves in the market.”


Ton Klijn neemt de ESTA Safety Award in ontvangst

Wagenborg Nedlift Managing Director Ton Klijn (right) receives the ESTA Safety Award


Dubbel hijsblok uitgerust met meetsensor

Double hoisting block equipped with sensor

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